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Exciting update alert! Ready to fly under the radar? 

Introducing our latest premium feature Incognito mode where you can vanish from others feeds and searches until you're ready to make a move and like them. Enjoy! incognito" Icon - Download for free – Iconduck


How it works: 

  • If you decide to turn on incognito, you will be hidden from other people by default.
  • You won't appear in the feed or in search results
  • Only people that you like first will get a chance to see you in the feed and in search.


How to turn on incognito: 

  • To turn incognito on, you need to go to You > Settings (top right) > Account & privacy > Incognito. There you can toggle Incognito On or Off.
  • Warning: when turning incognito on, you will not receive any new likes, only people you have liked will see your profile and get a chance to match with you.











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